New “post” = new posts!

By “post” I mean location — New Orleans!! The blogging hiatus is over. Phew, that was a long 7 months! Lost in the excitement of my last semester of college, my (in my mind) LAST summer of freedom, my birthday, and my move to the Big Easy, I gave up blogging. And I really want it back. Of course, so much has happened over the past month since I moved and I will catch you up on that later. For now, lets focus on whats important: IT’S NATIONAL CHEESEBURGER DAY!

Yes, we all know cheeseburgers take a lot of heat for the declining poor health of America, but everything in moderation, right? It’s human nature to crave meat. After all, it’s how we survived for hundreds of thousands of years, before the invention of Taco Bell. And, at least for me, once the meat craving hits nothing is right in the world until I get my hands on a big juicy cheeseburger – or at least a variation of one. Since I’ve been in New Orleans, I’ve only had this insatiable craving once, since my mind is still overwhelmed by the amount of fresh oysters I can get daily. But at that point, a burger was all I wanted. So I asked my native friends for a few suggestions and all fingers pointed to The Company Burger. I had yet to venture down the street where Company Burger is, but I will definitely be heading that way more often. The place is kind of tucked away into a strip plaza, next to a gym – how’s that for some irony. I did really love it, though! Their variety was delightfully surprising and I think they offer just enough to satisfy everyone, but not too many options to overwhelm you. I for one know I am the type of person who is entirely overwhelmed by most burger joints. Oh sorry, waitress, you’ll have to come back a sixth time because I’m still reviewing the 80 types of cheese you offer. No one wants that. And The Company Burger keeps it simple, yet delicious. Everyone give it a shot!

My meal: Lamb burger, sweet potato fries, ginger peach rum tea (their cocktails aren’t half bad either!)

Oh! And an added bonus: they have a really awesome homemade mayo bar!


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