Revolutionize Your Resolutions!

So I just spent 30 minutes writing a post and it was erased when I tried to submit it! Ahh! I will attempt to recreate what I had the first time. Everyone looks forward to the beginning of a new year. I think it is comparable to the start of a new chapter in your life. You can set goals for yourself knowing that you have an entire 365 days to complete them. It is important to make sure your goals are attainable. I am sure so many people go to their kitchen on January 1st and throw out all junk food, buy smaller sized clothes, and vow to exercise everyday. However, it is not that simple to just change your lifestyle in the matter of a day. It is all about gradual changes that will stick in the long run.

For the past few years, my best friend Rock and I have come up with 25 things to do each year. Some are simple, fun things and others are more far-reaching. We figured that if we accomplished at least one of our things to do, we would feel a little bit satisfied. Last year,  a few things I accomplished were: getting straight A’s, being a vegetarian for a month, not eating McDonald’s (with the exception of 1 McFlurry – but it wasn’t too bad!), hiking more, running a half-marathon, and playing more with my dog, Enzo. I am especially happy that I accomplished the last one since Enzo went to doggy heaven on December 27th.

I have not completed my list for 2013, but here are a few things I have come up with:

Blog more

Get an internship

Get a second job for the Spring semester

Graduate with a GPA above 3.5

Go to church more (I’ll admit, I’m a cafeteria christian)

Eat more raw foods

Run 10 miles a week

Read biographies

Travel more

Save more money

Complete a triathlon

These goals are, for the most part, attainable for me. You should consider what is attainable for you. Even if it is just increasing your physical activity to 60 minutes a week instead of 3o, or cleaning the house once a week, starting small will allow you to stick with your resolution in the long run. I hope all of you have a happy and healthy 2013 🙂


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