Sunday Funday!

Ah, Fall is finally here to stay! I will admit, this Summer I never thought I would see a high below 100 degrees again. I am so happy that it has cooled down enough to enjoy my favorite season and all it has to offer. After all, who couldn’t love Fall? Boots, sweaters, crisp air, and the return of my most desired seasonal treat – the pumpkin spice latte. Fall is the perfect time to be outdoors, which is what I have been trying to do.

Recently, I have been hiking a lot more. I have found that it is a much bigger stress reliever than my usual go to, running. I really enjoy it because it gives me something to focus on. I have found that running sometimes gives me too much time to think about everything going on in my hectic life. Hiking, on the other hand, allows me to focus more on the moment. I have to concentrate on where I am going (aka – trying not to break my ankle), taking my mind off of other stressors.

Last Sunday, my friend Cali and I took a day trip to Harper’s Ferry, WV. It was a beautiful day and our decision was definitely spur of the moment, but well worth it. After a quick stop at our local WaWa to pick up some sandwiches, we drove for about an hour an a half  (windows down, country music blaring), to reach the quaint town. At a glance, it appears to be stuck in time. It is situated on a hill with a main cobble street lined with “old timey” restaurants, stores, bookshops, and museums. It would be a great place to spend the day as a family since there is a lot to do and the town offers so much history, but we were there for something more rigorous. We had looked up trails before we left in the morning and decided to try the “Maryland Heights” trail. From the reviews, it was supposed to be challenging, but didn’t require too much experience – PERFECT!

Cali and I before we started up the mountain, we HAD to gamma pump! Also, my running pack is good for hiking too!

The hike to the top was tough to say the least. I am almost certain that at one point I was stepping more vertical than I was in front of me. It wasn’t until we reached the top and were chatting with some people that we found out we took the “hard way”. The view from the look out, as it’s called, was spectacular and in itself made the climb worth the effort. From the top, we looked out over the town of Harper’s Ferry and the Potomac River. It took us about 3 hours round trip – granted we did take the longer “blue” path as opposed to the shorter “red” path. If anyone is into hiking and is looking for a good day trip, I would recommend this! It is not too far away, but just far enough that you are out of the hustle and bustle of the city.

The view at “the lookout”.


Happy Trails!!


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