Who doesn’t love a good sandwich!?

I love coming home from school because I know there will always be plenty of good leftovers in my refrigerator. As soon as a walk in the front door, it’s the first place I go! Today as I was rummaging through after my run, I decided to make one of my favorite foods, an open faced sandwich! In my opinion, these are the best way to go. It’s like being able to eat two meals for only the amount of calories in one!

Here is what I came upon: An English muffin, stone ground mustard, some roasted hot peppers, a tomato basil and spinach salad with olive oil dressing, feta cheese, and some smoked salmon. I toasted the English muffin and then threw on all of the ingredients, topped with bit more fresh basil and enjoyed! All for about 400 calories 🙂



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