10 Miles Of Fun!!

Ah! I have finally reached double digits in my running! I am still a little nervous about the last 3.1 miles; but according to my training plan, I am supposed to let ‘inspiration’ carry me through. If inspiration can magically make my blisters and sore muscles go away then BRING IT ON. However, I imagine the last 3 miles will be the most challenging both physically and mentally. Since I have been running longer distances lately, I invested in a few ‘tools’ to help me along the way!


Jelly Belly Sport Beans – These actually aren’t too bad! You are supposed to consume them 30 minutes before you run and as needed thereafter to maintain energy. They usually hand things like this out during the race, so I wanted to practice using them before hand to make sure my stomach can handle them.

My Trail (Fanny) Pack – I have come up with several ways to deny the fact that I wear a fanny pack when I run; but the truth is, I do. I look somewhat comical but the truth is, it works! This holds all of the necessities: sport beans, iPod, tissues, keys, etc. Even though it is heavier because of the water, I think it helps your training! When I run without it now, I feel 10 lbs lighter and running is a bit easier. I also SWEAR that it does not bounce around, it is great!

Running Hat – Okay, I will admit to a little excessive online shopping in order to find this (and maybe a few other items to add to my Fall wardrobe) at Zappos. I got a great price for it though! It was on sale for $20, which I think is totally worth it. I sweat A LOT when I run, and I hate wearing sweat bands; and head bands just don’t quite do it for me. I believe that a running hat is the perfect solution! It keeps sweat from running into my eyes (gross, but true), and also keeps my face shaded so I don’t have to bother with sunscreen or sunglasses! I have only worn it once so far, but I love it!  I was also a little worried that it might give me a headache and/or make my head really hot, but neither of the two bothered me!

Headphones – For me, the MOST essential element of running. I have tried, and just can’t manage to run without music. I swore for a long time that I had misshaped ear canals or something because my headphones would ALWAYS fall out. WIth these, I no longer have that problem. They are guaranteed not to fall out, and they work! I found them at the book store on campus and was so surprised that they have kept up with me. They were a little pricey, about $40, but once again, totally worth it. Yes, they do look like some funky ear torturing device, but I promise they are comfortable and have great sound!

Now that I have shared my fabulous running tools with you all, go out and grab some for yourself! Hit the trail and use these items to push yourself a little further than you went before 🙂


Happy Monday!


Bend. Stretch. Breathe. SWEAT.

These are the four words that best describe bikram hot yoga. Recently, one of my friends and I purchased a living social coupon for bikram yoga classes. I have always wanted to try it so I took advantage of this right away. We went for our first class a few days ago, both a little nervous about what to expect. We chose to go to an ‘open’ level class, even though we are both regular “yogis”. I don’t know if it was because we went to a lower level class, but the pace was slower than a normal yoga class. I really enjoyed that you were given time to hold the positions instead of rushing through sun salutations. By the end of the class, I was dripping sweat from pores I didn’t even know existed! I felt awesome though. I will vouch for anyone who claims it is ‘cleansing’ because I was on my ‘yoga high’ for a full two days. I was more relaxed, calm, and felt purified. Unless you have a health condition that would not allow you to participate in hot yoga, I would recommend trying it at least once.

What to bring: yoga mat (although most places do provide them), a hand towel (that you don’t care will get drenched with sweat), and definitely a bottle of water. I would suggest freezing your water bottle before hand because it is H.O.T. in there. Most people also bring a beach or bath towel to cover their mat. It is difficult to hold poses when your mat is sweaty and slippery. I have a yoga may cover that I found at a bargain outlet for under $10, a steal! It works just as well as a bath or beach towel.

I hope everyone can find their exercise adventurous side and try out a hot yoga class! If you like yoga, you’re going to love it!

Who doesn’t love a good sandwich!?

I love coming home from school because I know there will always be plenty of good leftovers in my refrigerator. As soon as a walk in the front door, it’s the first place I go! Today as I was rummaging through after my run, I decided to make one of my favorite foods, an open faced sandwich! In my opinion, these are the best way to go. It’s like being able to eat two meals for only the amount of calories in one!

Here is what I came upon: An English muffin, stone ground mustard, some roasted hot peppers, a tomato basil and spinach salad with olive oil dressing, feta cheese, and some smoked salmon. I toasted the English muffin and then threw on all of the ingredients, topped with bit more fresh basil and enjoyed! All for about 400 calories 🙂