My Mini Restaurant Review

Since my last year of college is looming over me, I have vowed to myself that I will make an effort to see more of Washington DC this year. For me, of course, this means more restaurants! After continually stealing my friends Washingtonian subscription, I have been to a few very well rated DC restaurants. I also came to find out that 3 of the 100 best are in my neighborhood. One of these three, Fishnet, was surprisingly good. I took my brother, Alex, on this adventure with me. Fishnet could be easily overlooked since it is at the end of a Route 1 side street. This is unfortuante, because the food is so good! The fish sandwiches vary daily, based on the ‘catch of the day’. I decided to try the days daily catch, fried catfish, with a homemade mint lemonade, and a side of coleslaw. It was all so good! A little pricey, but I would definitely go back. I really want to go for brunch, lobster benedict sounds right up my alley!
My fried catfish sandwich with coleslaw: 
The second restaurant I was highly impressed with is Arlington’s Liberty Tavern. I have been here two times with my boyfriend since discovering it last week. If I were to describe it in 4 words: To die for cheeses. They have a large selection and most of them are from local farms. Also, most of their dishes are made in house. The first time I went I had the homemade ravioli…amazing. On my second visit I went for the branzino and grilled octopus. This was served with a sicilian style cous cous made with squid ink. Don’t let the look of it turn you away (black sauce, WHAT?!), I would describe it simply as being really salty. The best entree I have seen or tried at The Liberty Tavern was one that my boyfriend ordered, the “fish soup”. All of the seafood was perfectly cooked in a vegetable broth that had a slight hint of fennel and saffron. I would recommend this dish to anyone, even the less adventurous eater.
Branzino and grilled octopus, served with veggies and cous cous! Check out how black it is from the squid ink!
If you live around the DC area, or are ever making a trip, you should really check out these two restaurants! The less casual fishnet may be more appropriate for lunch, and there is a nice outside seating area. The Liberty Tavern is definitely more pricey and upscale, but still casual. I wouldn’t recommend sitting outside at the latter considering it is right on the corner of two busy cross streets. Also, if you’re in the area and looking for fun things to do, check out the Washingtonian website. It is a wealth of information about shows, restaurants, parks, movies, shopping, anything!

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