Easy As Pie!

I am attempting to make my first pie (actually, variations of one) today: Turnovers! I needed to think back to a food science class I took 2 years ago in order to perfect them and I figured I would share some info with you. Pie dough is characterized as un-laminated, which means that the fat is mixed in with the dough. This is different from a laminated dough, such as a croissant, in which the dough sheet is alternated with a layer of butter. It’s important when making pie crust that you allow larger chunks of fat in the dough so it will be flaky. If you over-mix the dough it will be too tough, due to too much gluten formation (see my earlier post: The ‘Disease Du Jour’ for more info on gluten). It’s also important to let the dough sit and chill before you roll it out so it can hydrate and the gluten can properly align. Chilling the dough will also reduce the amount of shrinkage when baking. I am currently writing this post while my dough is chilling in the refrigerator and I’m allowing my fillings to sit and absorb flavor.

I found the recipe I am using on Taste Spotting, my homepage and favorite website..EVER. The recipe is for blackberry cherry turnovers, but I decided I would try to make a few variations. I stuck to the recipe pretty closely, except I had to use red wine vinegar instead of white. I also cut the filling ingredients down by 1/2 since I am making 3 variations of the recipe. The winners are: Black Cherry, Blueberry & Black Raspberry, and Peach.

I think the turnovers turned out wonderfully! I brushed them with liquid sugar in the raw and sprinkled them with vanilla sugar before I put them in the oven. I used the convection feature and it didn’t take long at all, about 12 minutes. The crust, which I was worried I had over-mixed, turned out tender and flaky. They’re a little on the messy side but I’m not over-concerned with they way they look. They smell fabulous 🙂  YUMM I can’t wait to try one!


One thought on “Easy As Pie!

  1. I’m so glad you tried my turnovers!! I totally want to make some peach ones now that I can find some great peaches at the store now! I’m so glad you liked the recipe – you made my day with this post 🙂

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