Chill Out the Healthy Way!

Popsicles are by far the BEST summer treat. I sometimes feel like I have been on the ‘freeze-pop only diet’ every summer since the age of 4. Between that and my other favorite snack, strawberry dippers (aka a strawberry:sugar ratio of 1:3), it’s no wonder I was wired all of the time. This summer I decided I would try to make a healthier version of my favorite treat: peach mango popsicles!

The hardest part of this whole process was finding popsicle molds; I had to go to 4 different grocery stores. Just a heads up in case you don’t own them! I actually ended up finding them at Save A Lot in Cumberland (I know, who would’ve guessed). The rest of the steps were relatively easy. I’m also sure you could make these with any fruit you’d like, peaches and mangos just happen to be my favorite.

Ingredients: 5 small peaches (I prefer to keep the skin on, more nutrients!)

1 mango

1.5 tablespoons lime (or lemon) juice

1/3 cup sugar in the raw (you could also use honey, agave, splenda, sugar, whatever!)

Next, just throw all of the ingredients into a food processor until completely blended and pour into the popsicle molds.

I know, SO EASY! They taste awesome too! This recipe made 9 popsicles and I figured them to be about 150 calories each. So next time you’re stuck inside because of a heat advisory, remember this recipe. Stay cool!


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